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FARMACA International

Company that produces exclusively for hairdressers

Via Leini, 138/140 - 10036 - Settimo Torinese (TO), Italy
Tel: +39 011 8015801 - Fax: 011 8007495

Company that produces exclusively for hairdressers


BHC TEAM The BHC Staff Team consists of engineers and designers constantly engaged in research and the creation of new fashion trends. You will view the new trends and there will be a discussion on the presentation and on the use of references Farmaca . The courses will take place at the Hotels of the main Italian cities

COLORS CHARMING GOLD: Fruit of the most advanced scientific research , the new complex microemulsion GOLD SHINE KOMPLEX acts in synergy with the emollient cream base , giving a high gloss and gloss effect extremely natural . Furthermore, its innovative formula contains fitocheratine that bind to the hair reinstating constituents that give strength and volume while protecting color vibrancy . Shades available in 80 shades in the series : NATURAL ASH GOLD , COPPER , MAHOGANY , RED and ULTRASCHIARENTI . way of use: CHARMING GOLD mixes with the oxidant cream OXILINE from 20/30 volume ratio of 1:1 � . Because of the great performance of the tube , it is recommended , � dose of color (50 ml) +75 ml of oxidant cream . Series ultraschiarente 1:3. Exposure time 30 minutes, 45 for the series ultraschiarente .

ADVANCED BEAUTY COLOR . And the maximum expression of technology applied to staining with an innovative formulation , polymers with reflective results of naturalness , cover and incredible transparency ; with the highest degree of protection and nourishment of the hair fiber thanks to the contribution of Silk Proteins . Shades available in 36 shades in the series NATURAL ASH , GILT , MAHOGANY , RED FANTASY . way of use: mixing 1:1 and � ( eg 50 ml cream 75 ml of dye and oxidant ) . Add one packet of fluid Cosmetics Silk Effect (contained inside of the case ) to enhance the cosmeticita product . Container: 100 ml tube .

VANITY COLOR cosmetic cream for hair - without ammonia. VANITY COLOR cosmetic highlighters makes the hair a tone on tone color , brilliant, long-lasting and very natural . Not because clears ammonia-free , ensures excellent coverage of white hair , gives the hair amazing shine and brightness . Shades available in 28 shades in the natural , ASH , GOLD , COPPER , MAHOGANY , RED . way of use: COLOR VANITY is mixed with the oxidant cream Oxiline 20/30/40 volume ratio of 1:1 � with exposure time of 35-40 minutes. We recommend the use of Oxiline 20 volumes to highlight the power of coverage, Oxiline 30 volumes (eventually 40 volumes ) to increase the power schiarente.confezione : 100 ml tube .

FLOWERY Perfumed OIL HAIR COLOR coloring delicate and fragrant oil without ammonia. FLOWERY represents a new milestone in the world of color so as to turn it into a real beauty treatment . Its rich formula of natural substances such as organic Jojoba Oil , extracted trace elements in spa water and microproteins Wheat , guarantee results in protection , nourishment and beauty of true natural colors . Scented and no Ammonia, transforms the appointment of color in a true moment of relaxation. Its action in oil gel and leaves hair soft and silky , without giving the impression of being dyed, for a true natural beauty. Shades available in the series NATURAL ASH , GILT , MAHOGANY , RED . With FLOWERY Personal Color, and can customize the color , making it unique . 5 bright colors biodegradable to get incredible results : BLUE , PURPLE , RED , YELLOW , ORANGE . Innovative formula designed to be mixed not only with FLOWERY , but also with the other colors in both gel cream , becoming an integral part of the formulation and , therefore , the final result. way of using the method of application is very simple. By following a few basic rules you will get results that are technically perfect and impressive , even on hairstyles usually considered to be very diffi cult to treat. The gel dye must be used in the ratio of : 1 part oil + 1 part activator FLOWERY (eg. 50 ml of oil dye + 50 ml of Activator FLOWERY 20-30-40 volumes depending on the result to be obtained ) . CUSTOM COLOR . Container: 150 ml bottle with dropper . DEVELOPERS HIGH STABILITY packaging: 1000 ml bottle . Perfumed ILO package : 50 ml vial .

NATURELLE cosmetic natural color . NATURELLE offers a philosophy of innovative and natural coloring . It formulated without ammonia and is enriched with extracts of green tea and olive leaf , for an effective antioxidant . Ensures a particularly cosmetic coloring . By virtue of its conditioning properties , it leaves the hair soft and highly polished ; has no odor , nor during the application of it during the time of installation. Its activator does not attack the hair fiber . It can be used to cover the first gray hair , to change color naturally, without too lighten your natural base , maximum 1 tone , to revive the reflections between two services to staining. Shades available in 28 shades and natural lightening in the new formula . Package : dye : 50 ml bottle Activator : 50 ml bottle


Company that produces exclusively for hairdressers

Via Leini, 138/140
10036 Settimo Torinese - Torino - Italy
Tel. +39 011 8015801 Fax: 011 8007495

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